Getting patients the healthcare they deserve.

The Macaluso Compassionate Care Foundation (MCCF) is a nonprofit organization that donates funds to underinsured patients who are facing life-changing medical conditions. By making it easy to apply for assistance and by relieving the financial burden of costly treatment, MCCF allows patients to focus on improving their condition and quality of life.

Paying for essential medical care is a significant problem even for people with health insurance. If you have health insurance but still can’t afford the necessary care you need, MCCF may be able to provide financial assistance.

MCCF works with healthcare professionals and pharmacists to provide patients with FDA-approved medicines when federal or commercial insurance benefits do not fully cover the costs.

As an independent 501(c)(3) organization, MCCF partners with generous donors to help people who are most in need afford the treatment they need for a life-threatening, rare or chronic condition.