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Processing Payments

The MCCF assistance card

MCCF is the only existing 501(c)(3) charity that uses an automated system and payment card technology for providing funds to patients. Once a patient is enrolled and his or her MCCF card is activated, a participating pharmacy may swipe the card to complete payment. MCCF cards are accepted at 56,800 pharmacies nationwide, and can only be used at approved locations for approved products/medications.

Apply For A Patient

How to file a claim without using the MCCF card

Some MCCF programs will provide patients with a pharmacy card instead of an MCCF MasterCard. The information provided during the application process and by the patient’s insurance company lets MCCF know the amount of funds necessary. These funds are credited to either the MCCF card or a pharmacy card, to be used to pay out-of-pocket pharmacy or medical expenses for the treatment covered by the MCCF program.