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A unique process for greater efficiency

MCCF is the only existing 501(c)(3) charity that uses an automated system and payment card technology for providing funds to patients. Once a patient is enrolled and his or her MCCF card is activated, a participating pharmacy may swipe the card to complete payment. MCCF cards are accepted at 56,800 pharmacies nationwide, and can only be used at approved locations for approved products/medications, reducing the potential for misuse as well as facilitating the process.

Compliant and Secure

MCCF is also HIPAA-compliant. The OIG (Office of Inspector General; Department of Health & Human Services) has approved our technology and payment process for HIPPA compliance and security. The Debit Card will only have Requestor’s and MasterCard/Visa’s logo on it; it will not have any drug product, manufacturer, or donor names on it. The Vendor’s systems for administering the Debit Card are HIPAA-compliant.