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Fiscally strong. Patient focused.

The Macaluso Compassionate Care Foundation keeps fund development and administrative costs at a minimum to keep the focus on helping patients in need. The genorosity of our board makes our low administrative costs possible with their time and involvement in MCCF being without compensation and 100% volunteer based. Of the funds we receive, 99 percent goes directly to program costs helping patients get the healthcare they otherwise couldn’t afford.

MCCF makes these funds available to patients through its card technologies. With these funds, patients can pay costly pharmacy or treatment co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance. The MCCF card technology also helps us minimize administrative costs, so as much money as possible goes to patients who need it.

Funding programs for patients

While the MCCF would like to help all patients suffering from any illness, we can only provide assistance with certain conditions requiring prescribed products or treatments. These conditions are determined by the donations we receive.

When a contribution is made towards a particular disease state, MCCF creates a new program or enhances an existing program for financially assisting patients who are being treated for that disease. The law does not allow donations to be restricted to the use of a particular drug, but donors may provide donations that can be used for any condition. MCCF is grateful for the generosity of companies and individuals who make it possible for us to serve patients who are in need of financial assistance.