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Patient Eligibility

There is hope. There is help.

65% of insured adults said they are worried about how they can afford to pay for medical care and prescription medicines
MCCF helps patients who have health insurance but who still can’t afford the necessary care they need

The Macaluso Compassionate Care Foundation (MCCF) helps underinsured people afford costly prescription medications for life-threatening, rare or chronic conditions. The foundation concentrates on assisting those who otherwise would not be able to afford their life-saving medication.

To qualify for financial assistance through MCCF, you must have health insurance, which can be a policy from an insurance company or through Medicare, Medicaid or TriCare. And you must be a US citizen and live in the US or Puerto Rico. If both are true, review the programs available to see if MCCF assists paying for the medicine that you need for your condition.

Available Programs